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WeddingPixie Product Tour

How it works

WeddingPixie is super easy to use.

WeddingPixie is for wedding couples who want to capture and curate candid photographs taken by guests at their Wedding. WeddingPixie is a Software-as-a-Service that makes it easy for brides & grooms to: nudge guests to upload their photos; curate and manage the photos and publish an online wedding album; and order photographic prints. For guests, onboarding is frictionless: authentication is carried out using their mobile phone; they can start uploading photos immediately.

1. Share a link

WhatsApp, email, text, or message your upload link to your guests. Guests land on your WeddingPixie mobile optimized webpage.

Send your guests a helpful nudge and get them to upload photos

2. Guests upload photos

Guests click on the upload button. Open their camera roll and upload their images. Guests can tag images and add captions - if they want to.

Guests upload photos

3. Curate & Share your photos

Your Wedding Photo album unfolds in real time. You can decide what's public, what's not, and who can see the images. What order they appear in. Curate the candid photos taken by your guests. Relive the moments that made your day so special.

Curate your photos

4. Order Prints

Select the photos your want to print. The prints will be delivered to your home.

Curate your photos
WeddingPixie is on limited release. If your wedding is in August or September, and you would like to try WeddingPixie for free, please join our waitlist and one of our team will be in touch
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